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The goal of issue 8 of Sciami | Ricerche is to help shed light on a universe of experiences still largely to be surveyed, in which painters, graphic designers, sculptors or video artists have worked within the television production structure. It is an extremely widespread network of collaborations, in which the role played by Rai first and by commercial TVs later on should not be underestimated, as an important job outlet for a series of professional profiles connected to the fine arts and theater.



Francesca Gallo, Paola Lagonigro, Martina Rossi, Editorial
Francesca Gallo, Integration VS deconstruction in the collaborations of visual artists with TV and a note on Foligno ’67 by Alfredo Di Laura
Silvia Bordini, TV as a home of art. Experiments and utopias
Chiara Mari, Lucio Fontana’s “Spatial Concepts for Television”: from the proposals of the Manifiesto Blanco to the first environments
Guido Bartorelli, Artist’s didactics on TV: Costruire è facile by Bruno Munari
Martina Rossi, From scenography education to Rai. Giosetta Fioroni and Pino Pascali experiences for the nascent Italian television
Anna Barenghi, «Let’s not film the reality: let’s invent it»: Eugenio Carmi
Marco Maria Gazzano, The invention of TV in Italy in the experience of Mario Sasso
Paola Lagonigro, Obladì Obladà and Immagina: experimentation between video and computer art on TV
Pasquale Fameli, If the tv is a white cube. Broadcasts of art on Italian television in the nineties
Damiano Garofalo, Notes on the relationship between artists and early Italian television
Silvia Moretti, Gianni Toti. Minimal occurrences for video poetry
Pietro Galifi, Graphics for an end-of-millennium TV program: Altair4 Multimedia and Mediamente


Massimo Palma, Guilt Put into Play. The Elements of Trauerspiel (starting from Benjamin)
Alessio Bergamo, To chase in order not to catch. A journey into existence of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, performers
Piersandra Di Matteo, The foot and syncope. Notes on Edipo sveglia il tempo by Chiara Guidi