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Martina Rossi is PhD and assistant to the chair of Contemporary Art History at Sapienza Università di Roma. Her studies focus on the experiments that the artistic neo-avantgarde shared with theatrical research in the sixties, about it she published The Artist's signature in the context of the happening. Joseph Pascali fecit anno in Requiescat in Pace Corradinus by Pino Pascali at the La Salita gallery subject exhibition («Venezia Arti» 2017) and The involvement of the artists in the Teatro delle Orsoline 15 by Mario Ricci, 1962-1965 for the volume In Corso d’Opera 3 (Roma 2019). In 2018 she won the Start of Research at La Sapienza University, a one-year loan to carry out the project entitled The Exhibition and cultural activity of the La Feltrinelli bookshop in Rome. 1964-1969, the results of which in course of publication for Campisano editore, Rome.