n°5 – April 19

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Big and small donkeys

Dmitrij Volček
Anatolij Vasil’ev

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A different order of time

Riccardo Fazi

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Focus attached to No. 5 of April 19

Stefano Scipioni

Achille Perilli and il gruppo Altro By Daniele Vergni Focus on Achille Perilli e il gruppo ALTRO, with the spectacles: Collage (1961), Altro/Merz (1973-74), Altro/ICS (1977-78). Keep reading Sylvano Bussotti BY Daniele Vergni Focus on Sylvano Bussotti, with the spectacle: La Passion Selon Sade (1965). … Continue reading “Focus attached to No. 5 of April 19”

n°4 – October 18

Ryszard Cieślak, Jerzy Grotowski e Aleksander Lidtke durante il viaggio verso l’Australia nella primavera del 1974. Foto di Andrzej Paluchiewicz.


Richard Schechner

1. He was a fox, eagle, snake, mole. A shape‑shifter, elusive, extremely powerful in the way he held people close or kept them distant, in either case dazzling them with his aura. His  presence was scary to some, mysterious to … Continue reading “EXODUCTION”

Morgenland, diretto da Miriam Tscholl. Teatro di Hildeberg, 12-02-2016. Nella foto: Ibrahim Mahamed Quadi, Sami Ramadan, Rouni Mustafa, Tarek Alsalloum, Ashraf Ayash e spettatori. Foto di David Baltzer.

What is transcultural theater?

Günther Heeg

Das transkulturelle Theater1, von dem hier die Rede ist, ist im Werden2. Es lässt sich nahezu weltweit finden in den Arbeiten des Gegenwartstheaters, aber auch frühere Theaterformen offenbaren das Werden des transkulturellen Theaters einem neuen wissenschaftlichen Blick. Gleichwohl oder gerade … Continue reading “What is transcultural theater?”

"Blind Poet", regia di Jan Lauwers, 2015, kunstenfestivaldesarts di Bruxelles

The drama of identity. Theatre, Identity Politics, (Re-) Appropriation

Nikolaus Müller-Schöll

Der Abend beginnt als Spektakel, als barock anmutendes Theater, das Zirkus, Jahrmarkt, Variété, Maschinentheater und Popkonzert beerbt – und mit alledem natürlich auch die Performance Art, und dies, obwohl es sich zunächst einmal um eine Inszenierung handelt, die auf einem … Continue reading “The drama of identity. Theatre, Identity Politics, (Re-) Appropriation”

Ross McElwee, Photographic Memory, 2012. Adrian Ross.

Photo, cinéma, photo, cinéma – mouvements de Ross McElwee

Raymond Bellour

Ross McElwee est sans doute le cinéaste qui a tenté le plus obstinément de cerner le rapport impossible entre l’objectivité fatale du monde enregistré et le sentiment intérieur supposé correspondre à cette visée. Il y revient au fil de l’élaboration … Continue reading “Photo, cinéma, photo, cinéma – mouvements de Ross McElwee”

Janet Cardiff e George Bures Miller, Paradise Institute, 2001. Foto di Roman März, Haus der Kunst, Monaco 2012

Sounds Like Theatre

Janet Cardiff e George Bures Miller

While invoking theatre explicitly, visual artists allow themselves the freedom to redefine the parameters of the medium. They create alternative forms of texts and devise open-ended narrative styles. The text in the visual arts context is decentered, one piece among … Continue reading “Sounds Like Theatre”

Focus on the Italian theater attached to the n°4 of October 2018 of the webzine of theatrical researches and performing arts Sciami|ricerche

Focus attached to No. 4 of October 18

Stefano Scipioni

Luciano Berio Edited by Daniele Vergni Focus on Luciano Berio, composer and conductor, pioneer in the composition of electronics and electro-acoustics, with the spectacle: Passaggio (1963). Read more… Giorgio Barberio Corsetti Edited by Stefano Scipioni Focus on Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, director, author and actor, who … Continue reading “Focus attached to No. 4 of October 18”