Biannual webzine of Theater, Video and Sound | ISSN 2532-3830 | doi: 10.47109/0102
Anna Serlenga (1982) works both in the theatrical and performative practice that in theoretical research. She graduated at the University IUAV of Venice in Performance Studies and she has a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Palermo. As director, she was selected to important national awards (Kantor Award finalist, 2010, CRT, Milan; Scenario Award, semi-finalist, 2013). From 2012 to 2018 she lives and works in Tunisia, where she founded the multidisciplinary artistic collective CORPS CITOYEN that participates in several Biennale (Dream City Festival in 2017; Jaou, Manifesta 12, Valletta 2018 and Matera Capitale della Cultura in 2018; Kamel Laazar Grant in 2019), and where she teaches at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Sfax. She has collaborated, as a theatre trainer, with the Institut Supérieur d'Art Dramatique (ISAD) and the Institute of Italian Culture in Tunis. In 2018 she came back to Italy, where she collaborated as an assistant in the workshop led by MOTUS for IUAV – Theatre and Performing Arts, where she is subsequently a European project manager and networker until the end of 2019. Currently living in Milan, she is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Performing Arts of the IUAV University of Venice with the project PTM! – Decolonizing education through arts, theatre director for CORPS CITOYEN and artistic co-director of the decolonial art centre Milano Mediterranea.