Biannual webzine of Theater, Video and Sound | ISSN 2532-3830 | doi: 10.47109/0102

The concept for this issue of Sciami|ricerche was conceived at the beginning of summer 2020, a time when our lives were charged with the experience and implications imposed by the “Covid” emergency, calling to react but also troubled by daily questions about our lives; and about the meaning of our daily actions within the aesthetic dimension.
The proposal made by Valentina Valentini to think about an issue of Sciami on Light was an opportunity to bring together different voices, orchestrated on consonant topics. The elaboration of a project on the theme of light (with the choice of a specific aspect of it) at that time could not ignore the conditions and various implications of the “pandemic” spring.
The issues involved, which were felt before being thought about, highlighted the substantial qualities of the performance event, its essential elements: the sharing of a physical space, the common breath of a collectivity, perception and sensoriality as premises of every live performance; on the other hand, that moment brought out critical points of a system lacking in balances and orchestration strategies, and the situation led to reflection on the nature of theatres…


//////// FEEL LIGHT (edited by Cristina Grazioli)

Cristina Grazioli, Swarms of light: gleam, glow, twilight
Marcella Scopelliti, A moonlight in the starry night. Martin Buber spectator in Hellerau
Evelyn Furquim Werneck Lima, Light, Space and Atmosphere in a “Street-Theater”: the Unusual Teatro Oficina by Lina Bo Bardi in São Paulo
Jean-Luc Nancy, Alfonso Cariolato, The ground, the opacity, the shimmer
Joslin McKinney, Light, space and urban atmosphere: experiencing the city as scenography
Anna Wirz-Justice, Light for Life. Scientific encounters with the arts
Dalila D’Amico, Romina De Novellis, Crossing the time of light. Conversation with Romina De Novellis
Pierangela Allegro, stage the dark
Charlotte Beaufort, Meeting. Light and intersubjectivity in James Turrell’s Skyspaces
Tonino Griffero, In the light. The quasi-thingly atmosphere of twilight
Véronique Perruchon, Extinction of the theater: reflections on the ecological way of the theater
Michele Sambin, Flash
Elio Grazioli, Flashes and revelations. Photography
Alessandro Serra, Wasted light
Pasquale Mari, Traveling to Solaris. A diary
Farah Polato, Stefania Bona, Martina Melilli, Questioning the visible and the aberration
Alfredo Pirri, Fire – Ash – Silence