Suggest an essay

The journal welcomes the contribution of essays from researchers and scholars. A committee of referees will judge the proposals with a “double blind” review. Already published essays will not be considered. After the appraisal, the articles will be edited and made up according to the editorial rules of the journal.                                                        

Sciami|ricerche deals with Theatre, Video and Art.
Number 11 is expected on April 2022, and deadline for sending articles is February 1, 2022.
For Number 12, expected on October 2022, deadline is August 1, 2022.

The following form, completed in every part, should be used to send the articles:

  • Author’s name and surname;
  • Institution of author’s membership (University, Research Centre, ..);
  • Author’s assignment inside the institution;
  • Biography of author (in Italian and in English);
  • Title of article (in Italian and in English);
  • Keywords;
  • Abstract of article (in Italian and in English);
  • Article (in Italian and eventually in English);
  • Possible enclosures to add to article (photos, …);
  • Possible notes.

These editorial notes should be utilized for the compilation of an article. Title, author’s biography and abstract in English are compulsory. Enclosed photographs and articles in English will be greatly valued.

Possible replies to the request of publication:

  • Turned down: the proposal has been rejected and the article will not be published. The reason of refusal will be sent by email;
  • Go over and send again: the proposal has been deemed suitable for publication, but the revisers recommend modifications, which will be sent by email;
  • Accepted: the proposal has been accepted and will be published.

The journal will assign an identifying DOI to each published article.