Biannual webzine of Theater, Video and Sound | ISSN 2532-3830 | doi: 10.47109/0102
Emanuele Dileone obtained a three-year degree in Arts, Music and Performing Arts (DAMS) at the University of Padua in 2018. In September 2020 he discussed the master's thesis in Theater and performing arts at the IUAV University of Venice, Un’osservazione trasognata della realtà. Ricostruzione e riproposizione attuale delle performance e installazioni di Luigi Viola (1970-1980) (A dreamy observation of reality. Current reconstruction and re-presentation of the performances and installations of Luigi Viola (1970-1980)), tutored by Professor Malvina Borgherini (IUAV University of Venice) and PhD Lisa Parolo (independent researcher). The thesis obtained the dignity of publication and the "IUAV Award for best thesis 2020 – theater area". During the research for the drafting of the thesis, he did an internship at the video and film restoration laboratory "La Camera Ottica" of the University of Udine. His interest concerns the expansion of the traditional concept of archiving and conservation of performative art works starting from the desire to put them back into action for incorporated archiving. Now he is developing a project focused on the reenactment of Luigi Viola's performative production, in continuous dialogue with the artist.