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Chiara Mari is a historian of modern and contemporary art who received her Ph.D. from Cattolica University of Milan for her dissertation about the collaboration between artists and the Italian public broadcaster Rai from 1968 to 1975. She has several articles on this topic for academic journals, exhibition catalogues and conference proceedings. She deepened the activity of television directors who reserved an original look at art and its dissemination, such as Giulio Macchi and Anna Zanoli. She investigated emblematic cases of artistic intervention in the spaces of the RAI programming, including the happening Il televisore che piange by Fabio Mauri. She also deepened the history of the programs opening credits in the first decade of Rai tv broadcasts, into a wider investigation on the relationships between graphic design, new technologies and new media. She recently contributed to the book Paesaggi di parole. Toti Scialoja e i linguaggi dell’arte edited by Eloisa Morra (Carocci, 2019), with the chapter "Una favolosa percezione dello spazio e del tempo”. Scialoja scenografo: il dialogo con Ziliotto e Calvino.