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Pietro Galifi was born in Pescia (PT) in 1960. In 1976-79 he is a student of the Italo-Argentine sculptor Amelio Roccamonte (exponent of the Spazialista movement and signer of the Manifesto Blanco with Lucio Fontana) at the 1st Artistic High School in Rome. In 1979-1986 he attended the Faculty of Architecture of Rome. In 1986 founded the Altair4 artistic group together with Stefano Moretti and Avio Mattiozzi, with whom he worked in the field of design, advertising graphics. For 25 years he has been working, with Stefano Moretti and Alessandro Furlan, in the artistic and design direction of ALTAIR 4 MULTIMEDIA SRL company, founded in 1995, specifically dedicated to multimedia production and activities aimed at preserving and enhancing cultural heritage. Since 2009 he is Director accredited with National Geographic USA. From 2012 to 2015 he lived in the USA where he worked with his own production company. In 2020 he patented a device for movement in virtual reality and founded the start-up GO-OZ. He also works at historical, artistic and technological researches.