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Is a PhD in Visual, Performing and Media Arts at the University of Bologna. Specialized in Historical and Artistic Heritage, he is currently a research fellow at the Department of Arts of the same university and carries out his research in the field of history, theory and criticism of contemporary art. He has curated exhibitions at museums and private galleries and published several essays in scientific journals, volumes and catalogues. His research interests are currently focused on the relationship between contemporary poetics and aesthetics in the perspective of visual studies, the artistic practices of the 1970s, Bolognese art of the second half of the 20th century and the relationship between art and new media. Among his main publications are Il corpo risonante. Vocalità e gestualità nel Novecento (Udine, 2013) and the more recent Esperienza come forma. Le poetiche del Comportamento in Italia negli anni Settanta (Bologna, 2019).