n°5 – April 19, Sound, Theater, Video

Video-iconographic atlas: Nine Evenigs: Experiment in Art and Technology, 1966

Alex Hay, «Grass Field» (1966), 13th e 22 Ottobre, 1966,69th Regiment Armory, New York, NY, nell'ambito della mostra 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering, 13-23, 1966. Immagine estratta dal film sulla mostra in 16 mm diretto da Alfons Schilling. Fondo Daniel Langlois Foundation, 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering. Per gentile concessione di Experiments in Art and Technology, e Daniel Langlois Foundation.

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Flavia Dalila D'Amico is a scholar and curator in the field of performing arts. Her research interests address the intersections of bodies, political subjectivities and technologies in the field of performing arts. In 2016 she got the title of PhD in Music and Entertainment at Sapienza University of Rome, with a thesis that investigates the relationship between disabilities and the theater, which merged into the volume Lost in Translation. Disabilities on stage (Bulzoni, 2021). She takes care of the communication of the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo in Rome and of the Fuori Programma International Dance Festival.