n°5 – April 19, Sound, Theater

Endless variability of texts, voices, readings

Valentina Valentini in dialogue with Chiara Lagani

Fanny & Alexander. «Ponti in core». 1996.

Dialogue with Chiara Lagani, “Inquiete, Teatro Angelo Mai”, Rome Friday 14 December 2018
Transcription by Margherita D’Andrea.


The conversation tackles two main themes: the way in which the work of actress, playwright, translator Chiara Lagani is performed within the Fanny & Alexander company, a theatre for which the show is created on the stage, according to an inter-media dramaturgy with texts made of images, sound, words, gestures beyond the written page, on different levels: biography, chronicle, myth, archetype. The second theme concerns vocal expression, its figures, postures, mythical images. Making a thousand voices pass through an actor, as happens with the device of “remote acting”, in which the actor is “spoken” by a voice that captures him and dictates his actions and words, operating an experimentation of considerable interest in general and specifically of the topic.

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Full professor of Performance Studies and New Media in the Performing Arts Department of the Università "La Sapienza" in Rome, the city's principal university, where she serves as Director of the Centro Teatro Ateneo, a research center on performing arts.


Chiara Lagani, actress and playwright, in 1992 she founded Fanny & Alexander in Ravenna with Luigi De Angelis with whom she shares the idea of all the projects. The company, over a period of twenty-five years, has produced over seventy events, including theatrical and musical performances, video and film productions, installations, performative actions, photographic exhibitions, conferences and study seminars, festivals and reviews. The company's productions include the cycle dedicated to the novel by Nabokov Ada or ardor and winner of two Ubu awards; the multi-year project dedicated to Il Mago di Oz (2007-2010) and the lunge dedicated to public rhetoric with the series of Discourses to investigate the relationship between the individual and the community. In 2015 Fanny & Alexander directed direction, preparation and costumes of the work Die Zauberflöte - W.A. Mozart commissioned by the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. Among the last shows To be or not to be Roger Bernat and the cycle dedicated to the quadrilogy The brilliant friend of Elena Ferrante (Edizioni E / O). In 2017, for Einaudi's Millenniums, the volume I Libri di Oz translated and edited by Chiara Lagani is released, starting from the original and unpublished texts in Italy by Frank Lyman Baum. In the same year, Chiara Lagani was awarded the Special Prize dedicated to Dramaturgical Innovation awarded during the Riccione Prize.