Biannual webzine of Theater, Video and Sound | ISSN 2532-3830 | doi: 10.47109/0102
Riccardo Fazi is a playwright and sound designer born in Rome on March 25, 1979. He studied Biology, Literature and Philosophy at La Sapienza University from 1998 to 2003. The totally random meeting with the theater in 1999 radically marks his life. During his university years he worked as a university assistant, video artist, creator of performances in public places and spaces. He studies the relationship between theater and image with Valentina Valentini, between music and narration with Alessandro Portelli. From 2003 to 2007, after graduating in Anglo-American Languages ​​and Literatures, he worked in New York as an assistant to Caden Manson (Big Art Group). In 2006 he decides that his future is in the performing arts. Together with Claudia Sorace she founded Muta Imago, theater company and artistic research group. Since then he has performed dramaturgy and sound for all the group's works, which are replicated in Italy, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to his work for the stage he makes radio and sound installations. From 2016, in an ever more necessary way, his research work on the field dialogues with a dimension of theoretical and critical investigation in the context of contemporary performance.