n°3 – April 18, Theater


Teatro Valdoca. Landscape with broken brother . 2005. © photo Paolo Rolando Guerzoni.


Mariangela Gualtieri, poet and playwright of the theatre company Teatro Valdoca, investigates the force field's tension where the so-called "necessary" theatre reveals itself. Something standing "before the name and the surname" breaks into the stage: the actor's speech is the Ego's defeat. In that Void, we can experience - through despoliation instead of addition - the essence of the character who lies in the depth of that same Void. The actor is the language's Bishop, he stands inside the archetypal Language itself; the groundwork is useful to dismantle the actor's "technique", which leads him to the stage with his true essence: being an ancient and contemporary heart, a laughing beast, a wounded human, a silent power. In this way, the one and only language to the heights of both the animal and the Super-human - the poetical verse - will be kept by the actor himself in a state of perpetual rebirth.

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Mariangela Gualtieri (Cesena, 1951), poet and playwright, begins her writing career in the Valdoca Theatre Company, which she founded together with the director Cesare Ronconi. She participates in every staging by Ronconi, ready to sense and give voice to the scene's whirl of forces. Since the beginnings she takes particular care of the oral dimension of poetry – through readings in verses both in Italy and abroad – focusing on the voice amplification system and on the interaction between poetic verse and live music. Her pedagogical activity runs uninterrupted through her workshops devoted to writing and, more recently, reading verses into a microphone.