n°1 – April 17, Theater

Theatre Anthropology and Performance Studies

Assonances and traces of the postmodern performative re(in)volution

Sciami|ricerche - Theatre Anthropology - The Wooster Group. The emperor Jones. Poster. Print by Alex Katz.


Starting from the finding of the performative drift that marked the theatrical research through the Seventies and Eighties, this essay aims to show how two of the main protagonists of the period – Theatre Anthropology and Performance Studies – have contributed in their affinities and specificities to marginalizing of the theatre as a cultural phenomenon and devaluating of the artistic work, inaugurated (and not yet rectified) by Postmodernity.

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PhD in Human Formation, is actually Research Fellow at Department of Human and Social Science of University of Bergamo (Italy). Her research interests, resulted in the PhD thesis titled "Theatre praxis. From an aesthetic reflection to a pedagogical pathway", focus on the analysis of the intersections between theatre and education, with a particular attention to the contemporary debate on performance practices (studying authors like Richard Schechner and "movements" as Performance Studies) and the main theories about special education and autism (on which she has conducted several studies, also in the international context, such as the recent survey of the situation of autism in South Africa).