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She lives and works in Venice. She graduated in Architecture at the IUAV of Venice and obtained a PHD in History of Arts at the Doctoral School of the Universities of Venice and Verona. His field of study ranges from photography, theater and visual communication. She has published essays and photographs in magazines such as Fotostorica, Theatrical Cultures, and on texts published by Libreria Universitaria, Alinari and Skira. She participated in several international conferences including New perspectives New technologies in 2013, Colloque sur Théâtre et photographie Croisements, échanges, écarts autour de la performance in 2015 and em>Journée d’étude sur Théâtre et photographie in 2016. She teaches at the IUSVE in Verona and Venice, and is the artistic director of the HodgePodge Imagezine project. She has also participated in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad.