n°1 – April 17, Theater

Live istant photography. Booty Looting di Wim Vanderkeybus.

The battlefield of the stage. booty Looting directed by Wim Vandekeybus, Ultima Vez, Teatro alle Tese, Venice 2012. Still video


The Belgian theatre-dance company Ultima Vez – founded by the director and choreographer Wim Vandekeybus – presented Booty Looting in 2012, at the Venice Biennale Danza. On the stage, a complex and apparently disordered narrative rhapsody, brings into play complementary diegetic coefficients: while a story straddles the real and the imaginary, the dancers become consumed actors, the actors dance and live music fills the empty spaces. But the real beating heart of the show is the photographer, who is entrusted with the delicate task of deciphering the feverish dynamism of the scene to move the public's attention elsewhere, as if to give them a relaxing break from the chaos. The photographic image, taken and reported in real time on the screen at the bottom of the stage, freezes some salient moments of that convulsive movement, almost to break it down anatomically into parts of a 'muybridgian' conception. The photographer, always active during the representation, is an integral part of the story, becoming a performer himself so that his intervention determines the dramaturgical development of the plot. The visual quality of the scene is strongly enhanced by live photographic images, which are often attributable to known visual models. Booty looting literally means stealing what has already been the object of theft, exactly as it happens in the art world, according to the perspective of Vandekeybus. Photography is seen here as an instrument that on the one hand makes it useful to prove the reality of facts, but at the same time declares its ability to lie, to deform memory, to create false memories, to become misleading echoes of experiences actually lived. Between truth and deceit, the photographic image plunders the world and gives us the feeling of being able to know and know it in depth - as Susan Sontag teaches - but it is only a distorted memory that confuses and falsifies the real.

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She lives and works in Venice. She graduated in Architecture at the IUAV of Venice and obtained a PHD in History of Arts at the Doctoral School of the Universities of Venice and Verona. His field of study ranges from photography, theater and visual communication. She has published essays and photographs in magazines such as Fotostorica, Theatrical Cultures, and on texts published by Libreria Universitaria, Alinari and Skira. She participated in several international conferences including New perspectives New technologies in 2013, Colloque sur Théâtre et photographie Croisements, échanges, écarts autour de la performance in 2015 and em>Journée d’étude sur Théâtre et photographie in 2016. She teaches at the IUSVE in Verona and Venice, and is the artistic director of the HodgePodge Imagezine project. She has also participated in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad.