Biannual webzine of Theater, Video and Sound | ISSN 2532-3830 | doi: 10.47109/0102
ALDES is a no-profit association of artists and cultural workers, established in 1993, which produces and fosters experimental choreography using dance, visual arts and new technologies under the artistic direction of its founder Roberto Castello. ALDES creates performances, installations, events and videos dealing with body, movement and the way they are represented. ALDES is a political proposal to manage culture and artistic action in a responsible way, in connection with its own territory. Aldes rounds up some of the most interesting and imaginative Italian authors, experimenting organizational structures in order to ease the artistic process and free it from bureaucratic burdens. ALDES authors are: Roberto Castello, founder and artistic director (Premio Speciale UBU in 1985 for "Il cortile" and UBU Prize for the best show of the season in theater section and dance with "Il migliore dei mondi possibili" in 2003), Stefano Questorio, historic ALDES dancer since 1998 and choreographer (Premio Othello Sarzi - New theater realities in 2007, and Best Actor Prize, Loro del Reno Festival in 2007), Caterina Basso (Premio MasDanza20 special prize for best solo) and Giselda Ranieri (ACT Festival Bilbao 2016 / Best direction Prize) dancers in ALDES from 2007 – 2010, Aline Nari, performers in ALDES in past years, with Davide Frangioni who make projects of artistic research to combine different audience. In 2016 he will also work Francesca Zaccaria (his last choreographies were presented in France and Germany), performers in ALDES in 2004/2005, and the visual artist / performer Giacomo Verde. With the national preview of July 2017 at Kilowatt Festival of "Kotekino Riff", Andrea Cosentino joins ALDES. The collaboration with Cosentino, which has led in recent years to the realization of some important projects, becomes so structured. In 2018: Marco Chenevier, choreographer, dancer, director, actor and artistic director of Tida and TDanse Festival (1st Prize at Be Festival - Birmingham 2015, 1st Prize for contemporary dance Sarajevo Winter festival – 2013), andElena Pisu choreographer, dancer.